Gearing up for Ice Fishing season?  Put this Slush Scoop Ice Dipper Tackle Gear on your sled!

Gearing up for Ice Fishing season? Put this Slush Scoop Ice Dipper Tackle Gear on your sled!

Gearing up for Ice Fishing season?  Put this on your sled, you'll need it! Check out the full-sized scoop and handle length. This is not cheap stuff from you know where! The Slush Scoop floats too, in case things get out of control!  It makes a fun gift for the serious fisherman in your life. 

Here's why you need a Slush Scoop Ice Dipper:

  1. Clearing Snow and Slush: When you drill a hole in the ice for fishing, snow and slush can accumulate around the hole. Ice scoops are used to remove this snow and slush, ensuring that you have a clear and clean area for fishing. This is important because the accumulation of snow and slush can make it challenging to see and access the water, hindering your fishing experience.
  2. Maintaining Ice Thickness: Ice thickness is a crucial safety consideration when ice fishing. Regularly using an ice scoop to clear the area around your fishing hole allows you to monitor the thickness of the ice. If you notice the ice getting thinner, it's a sign that it may be time to move to a safer location.
  3. Preventing Accidents: An ice scoop is a safer tool to use than your hands when removing snow and slush. It helps prevent frostbite by keeping your hands dry, especially in extremely cold conditions.
  4. Improving Visibility: Keeping the fishing hole clear of snow and slush ensures that you can see your fishing line and bait more clearly. This visibility is essential for monitoring fish activity and detecting bites.
  5. Efficient Fishing: Ice scoops enable you to efficiently manage your fishing spot, making it easier to move around, reposition, and prepare your gear for the best chances of a successful catch.
  6. Keeping Equipment Dry: By using an ice scoop, you can keep your fishing equipment, such as your bait and fishing line, dry. Wet lines or bait can freeze in the cold temperatures.

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