Ecommerce Policy

E-COMMERCE AUTHORIZED RETAILER POLICY 2024. As part of our strategy to protect both our brands and the integrity of our authorized distribution channels FLI Products has implemented the following E-Commerce Authorized Retailer Policy (the “Policy”) for all FLI Products branded products. (the “Products” ) via websites (other than your Proprietary Website, as that term is defined below), apps, social media sites and other channels of distribution accessed via the Internet (collectively, the “E-Commerce Channel”). The purpose of this Policy is to distinguish between products sold by authorized resellers via E-Commerce Channels, and those sold via E-Commerce Channels by third parties that are not authorized to do so. Except as expressly set forth in this Policy, FLI Products has designated the E-Commerce Channel as restricted to only the retailers, distributors, partners and other FLI Products customers (collectively, the “Authorized E-Commerce Distributors”) who FLI Products has expressly authorized, in writing, to sell the Products via the E-Commerce Channel. This Policy outlines the manner in which authorized E-Commerce distributors and retailers may sell FLI Products products via the E-Commerce Channel. Specifically, you may not sell Products as a third-party seller (3PS) on marketplace websites such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Rakuten, Walmart Marketplace and others without prior written consent from FLI Products. If you wish to sell Products via the E-Commerce Channel, you must limit online sales to your own proprietary website (your “Proprietary Website”), and you must have expressly written permission from FLI Products. The content, domain name and primary branding of your Proprietary Website must be owned by you; you may own multiple domains that redirect to your Proprietary Website, but you may only sell Products on one Proprietary Website. Our rules regarding online sales will be strictly enforced. If you are an authorized E-Commerce distributor, we appreciate your support in adhering to this policy, starting with communicating these new guidelines to your own customers. Unless your customers receive written consent from FLI Products they are prohibited from displaying FLI Products branding or offering for sale or selling Products via the ECommerce Channel. With your partnership, we are confident these new measures will allow us to properly represent our brands and products, better manage our reseller community and ultimately support our goal of eliminating the proliferation of counterfeit product appearing online.

Please see below for FAQs on how the Policy impacts your business:
1) What if you are currently an Amazon FBA seller or sell in other marketplaces? If you are currently selling products through Amazon’s FBA program or through other marketplaces, you must remove products immediately. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to sell our product to you for any marketplace sales. Your customer account will also be modified, prohibiting you from being shipped new orders for Products.
2) What if you are currently selling as an Amazon Fulfilled-By- Merchant Seller? If you are selling Products and do your own fulfillment, we expect you to deactivate your listings for all products immediately.
3) What if you are currently selling FLI Products brands on your own website? Sellers operating their own Proprietary Website may continue selling our Products on their Proprietary Website. We hope we can continue to supply you with our great product and expect you will benefit from our new policy. Please note we have our trademarked brands enrolled with Amazon and Walmart Brand Registries. Consequently, all Amazon and Walmart product pages representing our Products will be monitored to ensure compliance with our policy. Failure to comply with our policy may result in your inability to buy Products.


FLI Products Owned & Exclusive Brands

  • 30X Mask
  • Agilux
  • Flex Strainer
  • Tomato Crater
  • IQ America
  • CordSafe
  • BladeGuard
  • Peggy
  • Bucktap
  • American Safety Glove
  • Col-Press