Tomato Crater DP3031-3 Vegetable Garden Watering Reservoir, Directs Fertilizer and Water to the Roots, Warms Soil, Prevents Cutworms, Weed Control, Accepts Tomato Cages 12” 3pk Red

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FLI Products 12” Red Tomato Crater directs water and fertilizer to plant roots while retaining and warming ground moisture, reducing blossom end rot, naturally protects against cutworms and weed creeping, enhances growth  Two interlocking halves snap together around the plant to form a water/fertilizer trough while warming the soil and enhancing growth. The molded slots allow use of square or round tomato cages. The the heavy-duty BPA free plastic with UV stabilizer allows use year after year. It’s called the Tomato Crater but you can increase your harvest of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, squash, and cucumbers too using the Tomato Crater. Whether you’re an expert gardener or a novice, everyone enjoys the satisfaction and flavor from planted garden vegetables.

  • Warms the soil and radiates heat to the tomato plant
  • Two interlocking halves allow you to install before or after planting
  • Controls weeds next to the tomato plant
  • 12” x 2.25”  1/2 Gallon Trough directs water and fertilizer to plant roots while retaining ground moisture and reducing blossom end rot
  • Accepts most tomato cages
  • Protect and enhance tomatoes, vegetables, and other plants

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love these two piece tomato craters

I just bought nine more craters, giving me a total of 30 craters that I use for my tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and marigolds. I love them. They help water nicely, clean up and store nicely in the winter and best of all they go around the plant easily because they come in half and go back together easily. I use a drip irrigation system and put a drip emitter in to each side of the crater

Samuel Monk
Great Product. Impressed

I had prviously ordered a competing product. Finding the one I had purchase far less than satisfactory, I turned to the Internet. I ordered the FLI “Tomato Crater.’ I LOVE THEM. Sturdy, easy to use. As for the color, I have read that red light helps plants, especially young ones, grow. I can’t say I would have any way of knowing that. I DO RECOMMEND THEM.

Sam in Alabama
Awesome "Made in USA" Product

I tried others and returned them. Flimsy and a third were covered with glued-on labels that were impossible to remove by any ordinary means. I looked further and finally found these at Tractor Supply. I knew if I ordered them there, they could be returned if I was not pleased. When I received them and saw their great quality, I was more than pleased - they were sturdy, easy to use, and had no obnoxious stuck-on labels. In fact, I have ordered more, this time from FLI and AT A SALE PRICE EVEN.

Kate C
Excellant for keeping bugs out

it does everything it says, simple, and keeps the bugs out, so I'm HAPPY!