Peggy Pegboard Organizer Storage Accessory Hook and Dowel for Tape, Ribbon, Wire Spools, Ribbon, Crafts, Hobby, Wine Rack 12" kit

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The Peggy pegboard organizer kit is a hook and dowel system using 3 – 12” dowel rods. The dowel rods are inserted into 2 semi-circular pegboard hooks. The 12” kit is then insert into pegboard as a storage accessory. The system is designed as storage for a variety of tapes, ribbons, wire spools, solder, and other round tools typically used in crafts, gift wrapping, electronics repairs, or on a workbench. The Peggy helps save space and reduce clutter in craft rooms, garages, work benches, electronics repair centers, and many other spaces.  The Peggy pegboard organizer makes a great gift any time of year for the crafter or person who likes to be organized for DIY tasks.

The Peggy pegboard organizer also makes a great home wine cellar bottle holder. The size is perfect for a typical bottle of wine and faces the bottle out for easy selection.  Simply stack the bottles horizontally using the 12” Peggy pegboard organizer kits. If you want to extend the length of the kits, you can purchase the Peggy pegboard hooks separately and insert your own length of 3/8” dowel rods. Perfect for the wine connoisseur.

  • The 12” kit uses three 12” x 3/8” dowels supported by 2 plastic peg hook accessory endcaps that snap into pegboard and create the tape, ribbon and spool storage organization
  • Designed for DIY craft rooms; ribbon, wire and tape spools, household gift wrap, work bench, garage, wine storage rooms
  • Kits can be extended using the Peggy pegboard hooks sold separately
  • Easily assembles, saves space, reduces clutter.
  • Designed and Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Great for my ribbons

Love these! They are great for tapes but also wire spools and wrapping paper

Kevin Cody
Genius organization for a craft area

Love the organization for our craft area, gift wrapping.