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FLI Products Tomato Crater DP3031-3 Red Garden Growth Tray Trough Vegetable Vine All Purpose Tool Enhances Crop Growth Retains Water Moisture Warms Soil Prevents Cutworms Weed Control Allows Tomato Cages 12” 3pk

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Tomato Crater is made of two round pieces that interlock around your tomato plant. It protects them from weeds and enhances their growth by directing water and fertilizer, and keeping the ground around the plant warm. Tomato Crater simply and easily helps you grow tomatoes to perfection. Growing tomatoes from seed or plants at home can be a challenging, but rewarding process. Whether you’re an expert gardener or a novice, everyone enjoys the satisfaction and flavor from planted garden tomatoes.

  • Warms the soil and radiates heat to the tomato plant
  • UControls weeds & eliminates weeding next to the tomato plant
  • Directs water and fertilizer to plant roots while retaining ground moisture and reducing blossom end rot
  • Protect and enhance tomatoes, vegetables, and other plants

Customer Reviews

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Kate C
Excellant for keeping bugs out

it does everything it says, simple, and keeps the bugs out, so I'm HAPPY!