The BladeGuard KnifeSafe Knife Blade Protective Cutlery Cover and Edge Guard to Safely Store and Transport 4"-10" Knives

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The BladeGuard KnifeSafe Knife Blade protective covers features a patented hinge design with 4 rubber bumpers that secure a blade without slippage and act as a blade edge guard .  The handy and easy to use BladeGuard KnifeSafe Knife Cutlery Cover offers premier blade protection to allow you to safely store and transport sharp cutlery. They are made of durable, dishwasher safe, BPA free, polypropylene material and have four internal rubber bumpers that secure a knife's blade until the case is opened.

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Perfect for use in the kitchen, boats, and RV's, while camping, fishing, and hunting, and anywhere you need to safely store and carry a sharp knife, similar to a sheath. Comes in multiple colors and 4 sizes. The polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) construction is Dishwasher safe

4" sheath fits most knives with a 3-4" blade and measures 6.8" L x 1.8" W x 0.6" H    6" sheath fits most knives with a 4-6" blade and measures 8.5" L x 2.2" W x 0.6" H    8" sheath fits most knives with a 6-8" blade and measures 11.5" L x 3" W x 0.6" H    10" sheath fits most knives with a 8-10" blade and measures 13.8" L x 3" W x 0.6" H 

Made in the USA Loved by Chefs, Outdoorsmen and Moms

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  • Protects blades and helps keep edges sharp
  • Holds most standard knife blades
  • Safe and secure way to store and transport blades
  • Knives won't slide out
  • Living hinges allow the covers to fold over the blade and snap closed
  • Dishwasher safe, durable Polypropylene material, BPA Free, High impact
  • Made in the USA


  • Kitchen
  • Traveling Chefs
  • Camping, Picnic, RV, Travel
  • Hunting, Fishing
  • Boats/Marine