Self-Storage Tenants use battery-operated motion lights for supplemental lighting in storage locker rental units.

Self-Storage Tenants use battery-operated motion lights for supplemental lighting in storage locker rental units.

Tenants could use battery-operated motion lights from FLI Products and IQ America in storage rentals for several reasons:

  1. Convenience: Battery-operated motion lights are easy to install and use. Tenants can simply mount them in the storage unit without the need for electrical wiring, making them a convenient lighting solution.
  2. Energy Efficiency: LED Battery-operated lights are energy-efficient and cost-effective. They only use power when motion is detected, which means they won't drain the battery when not in use. This is particularly important in storage units, where lighting needs may be intermittent. Today’s Battery-Operated LED lights are extremely bright - up to 1200 lumens+. 1-2 in a typical 10x10 unit is usually more than enough.
  3. Cost Savings: Using battery-operated lights can help tenants and facility owners save on electricity costs, as they do not rely on a continuous power source. This can be advantageous in locations where electrical access may be limited or expensive. Most of the battery-operated motion lights cost less than $50 for high lumen output models.
  4. Security: Motion-activated lights can enhance security in storage units. They illuminate the area when motion is detected, which can deter unauthorized access and provide a sense of safety for tenants when they access their storage units often at night alone.
  5. Longevity: Modern LED battery-operated lights often have long battery life due to advancements in battery technology and LED lighting efficiency. Depending on access times, tenants likely would not need to change batteries less than annually, providing reliable lighting over an extended period.
  6. Flexibility: Tenants can easily reposition or remove battery-operated lights within the storage unit to suit their needs. This flexibility can be valuable for organizing and accessing stored items.
  7. No Electrical Wiring: In many storage facilities, installing electrical wiring for traditional lighting fixtures can be impractical or prohibited. Outlets are scare and typically only in interior hallways requiring extension cords. Battery-operated lights eliminate the need for wiring, ensuring compliance with storage facility rules and regulations.
  8. Emergency Lighting: In case of a power outage or if the main lighting system fails, battery-operated lights can serve as emergency lighting, ensuring that tenants can still access and navigate their storage units.
  9. Customization: Tenants can choose lights with different settings, such as adjustable sensitivity to motion, the duration the light stays on, and the level of brightness. This allows them to customize the lighting to their preferences.
  10. Easy Installation: Battery-operated motion lights typically require minimal installation, often involving mounting with adhesive strips, magnets, or zip ties. This ease of installation makes them suitable for tenants who want convenience and quick in and out.

Tenants use of battery-operated motion lights in storage rentals makes sense because they are convenient, cost-effective, and enhance security while providing flexibility and ease of installation in environments where traditional electrical lighting or extension cords may not be practical.  Available at