FLI Products introduces Innovation in Dual-Mount Motion Security Lighting with partner IQ America

Get ready for the longer nights with affordable, contemporary, glare free, neighbor friendly, dual-mount Motion Security flood lights for residential or commercial use.

– 180 degree rotating sensor with exit detection
– 1100 lumens bright
– 50′ of penetration in your yard
– Versatile Eave AND Wall swivel mount
– Waterproof and UL approved
– Super wide head pan and tilt tailors the coverage where you need it
– Manual override and 6hr reset
-1-20 minute timer setting
– Low profile
– White and bronze finishes

This IQ America low profile, high efficiency dual mount motion security, motion sensing flood light is the first of its kind. Not only is it bright, but super versatile. The exit detection sensor sees you so the light turns on when you take a step out. The heads swivel up and down and pan all the way to the back plate for greater coverage vertically and horizontally. The lens gently spreads the light so it won’t annoy your neighbor. The dual-mount design lets you eave or wall mount the fixture. The timer settings are simple and will have you up and protected in minutes.


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