FlatBox Plus Neoprene Triple Insulated Lunch Bag Lunch Tote Black/Purple

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Flatbox developed the ultimate lunch bag that turns into a health-conscious placemat so you can eat on a clean surface everywhere you go. Eating your meal, whether lunch, dinner, or snacks at the right temperature on a clean surface is as important as eating healthy.

The PATENTED triple insulated heavy duty neoprene bag keeps your food hot or cold for hours. Want to stuff it full? No problem, the heavy-duty zippers and flexible material will let you close it up tight, and it will stand up to the abuses of getting to your destination. Moms love this bag because lunch boxes get thrown around in cars/buses, on playgrounds, in lockers, and bathrooms, and exposed to varying temperatures, opening the opportunity for food to get germ infected.

The Flatbox durable design with heavy duty stitching, auto locking zippers, and reinforced handles will take the daily abuse. At the end of the day, stick in the washing machine, let it hang dry, fold it up or store it flat, and you’ll be ready for the next day, all year long, completely sanitized. The beauty of the Flatbox lunch bag is how clean you can get it, and not have to worry about what’s in the cracks and crevices like the typical lunch box or cooler tote bag.

When you get to wherever you are eating, simply unzip the 4 zippers and fold out the bag like a placemat. You’ll cover up any dirty surfaces and be eating off a nice clean surface you know was sanitized already. In addition, you’ll be less likely to have contact with other people’s meals, utensils and food, creating a natural barrier between you and your eating partners. 

When you’re done, fold it over and stick in your backpack, or zipper it back up. The reinforced handles make it comfortable to carry anywhere or strap it to your backpack. You might want to have more than one ready to go!  It’s a universal lunch bag you won’t throw out at the end of the year! Use it anywhere, anytime, for everyone in the house. 


    • PERFECT FOR BACK TO SCHOOL - MACHINE WASHABLE & QUICK DRY MATERIAL makes FlatBox a sustainable completely sanitized way to store and transport your food without the worry of what it touches or how germs might accumulate in the typical cracks and crevices of a normal lunch box. HAVE A FRESH LUNCH BAG DAILY, ALWAYS AS CLEAN AS THE FIRST DAY YOU BOUGHT IT. KEEP IT ALL YEAR LONG.
    • USE FLATBOX AS A PLACEMAT, EAT HEALTHY, KEEP YOUR EATING SURFACE CLEAN EVERY DAY. The lunch bag unzips and folds out to present your lunch and snacks on a placemat surface you know is clean and creates a natural safe barrier with your eating partners.
    • TRIPLE INSULATED NEOPRENE KEEPS YOUR FOOD HOT OR COLD FOR HOURS. The patented durable lunch bag zips up tight to store your food at the right temperature. The material is flexible allowing you to pack it light or pack it full and still zip it up!
    • STORE IT AWAY FLAT in a drawer, hang it up, or fold it up anywhere instead of taking up valuable kitchen shelf and refrigerator space compared to many bulky lunch boxes                                                                
    • PATENTED DESIGN, DURABLE MATERIAL, HEAVY DUTY AUTO LOCKING ZIPPERS, TOUGH STITCHING AND SOFT CARRY HANDLE with multiple colors make it a sustainable tough alternative to fashion lunch bags             
    • USE FLATBOX FOR SCHOOL, THE OFFICE, THE JOBSITE, ON PICNICS, CAMPING AND DAY TRIPS. It’s a universal lunch bag you won’t throw out at the end of the year! Use it anywhere, anytime, by anybody of all ages

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Sharon White
It’s awesome and fits my needs!

Great size—and fits my lunch needs.