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Pegboard or Slatwall Display Mounting Brackets - Pair Of Black

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Short Description: 

The Agilux LED lighting system has a variety of mounting options that allow use for retail store construction, exhibits/displays, workbenches and workstations. The pegboard/slatwall merchandising bracket mounts to the end of the Lumirail providing the flexibility to easily light endcaps, aisles displays, and workbenches.      


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Product information: 

Pegboard or Slatwall Display Mounting Brackets - pair of black 


    • Pegwall/Slatwall design attaches to the Lumirail and allows adjustable merchandise or workbench lighting

    • Easily attach the Lumirail STL series

    • Put light where you need it


    • Attaches to either pegboard or slatwall 

    • 14” deep 

    • Accommodates any size Lumirail 


    • Merchandise Lighting 


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