CordSafe PLUS Extension Cord Plug Protective Safety Cover, Water-Resistant Indoor Outdoor, Keep Cords Connected, For Patio Bistro String Lights Holiday Lights Christmas Lights Power Tools Fans

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Product information: 

Indoor/Outdoor extension cord safety/cord management

Whenever using extension cords, it’s extremely important to be safe.  If a cord has any signs of wear and tear, do NOT use it even if you are plugged into a GFCI outlet. CordSafe cord management enclosures prevent wear and tear and provide greater safety.

If you are using multiple extension cords or connecting other cords together, the connections points should be protected to avoid being pulled apart, or getting water in them. Never tie 2 extension cords together.

The CordSafe cord connectors are a perfect solution to creating a safe, long lasting connection. The CordSafe connectors take several different sizes of plugs and cords.

They are ideal for those portable fans, tools, av/audio visual installations, RV use and LED outdoor string lights used as Patio Lights now. The CordSafe cord connectors are made of a durable, weather resistant propylene plastic with gasket entry points . . . and they are proudly Made in the USA.

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    • Keep your light connections protected and secure
    • Cord Retention and Cord Management
    • Weather Resistant and Extremely Durable, great for Holiday Hookup!
    • Made in the USA
    • Extremely Durable
    • Multiple Colors Available; Yellow, Red, Green, White and Orange
    • Check out the 3 Pack and 20 Pack specials too!


    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Construction Sites
    • Power Tools
    • Household Appliances
    • Indoor Wiring
    • Boating / Marine / RV
    • Lawn Equipment
    • Audio Video Components
    • Holiday Lighting

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
john w
Best thing ever

I was having a hard time keeping my party lights together. I purchased the cordsafe to keep the lights together and it saved the day. I tried electrical tape, zip ties, a different type of cord attacher off amazon and nothing worked due to the weight of the suspended lights. Cordsafe held them together even during wind and rain storms. I would recommend to anyone!

Dee V.
Works great

I bought one of the CordSafe plug covers for under my kitchen sink where I needed an extension cord for my garbage disposal. I especially like the little black gasket included for the plug. I wish they sold these gaskets separately. A great idea.

Dennins C. Gibbons
Great Product

I have used larger extensions cord connectors for several years but wanted one that was smaller for a particular application. This fit the bill perfectly. I need an extension cord virtually permanently connected to a shopvac. The cords fit nicely inside and are now securely connected without bending the cords backwards to tie them together. Thank you.

Smytty's Workshop
Fit my idea that I was looking for.

I wanted to raise the protection level for the power cord connection for my miter saw. Overkill, maybe, but 40 years in the machine tool industry I would rather have a bit more insurance. The device is made well and easy to use/set up.

This thing!

I’m hard on my equipment, especially extension cords and cables. It’s a guarantee that. I’m wasting time attempting to dig out and pull free the ground connector tab from inside of the receptacle. This has bl