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IQ America DP1101ATraditional Recessed Polished Brass Wired Lighted Doorbell

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Product information: 

IQ America Door Bell DOOR CHIME is a modern replacement chime for your doorbell and is intended for hardwired installation to be used with one or two doors. It features distinctive chimes, multiple note melodies to distinguish between the front door or rear back and side, so you'll know which door to head to. Powered by a 16-volt AC transformer
IQ America products increase security to your property, save energy/money, and help to welcome your visitors. Our products encompass a variety of solutions for your home and business. IQ America products are synonymous with innovation and quality. IQ America offers a wide variety of entry notification products. Our modern designs, built-in intelligence and a category-leading sound offering set our doorbells and buttons apart. IQ America's entry notification products can help achieve that peace of mind. From our traditional offerings to new innovative products, our set of solutions can transform your home to a welcoming AND SAFE environment. IQ America offers a variety of product types, including Wired and Wireless options, Intelligent Hybrid Doorbell Technology, WI-FI Enabled Technology, Video/Audio, 2-Way Communication, Specialized Entry Solutions, Products for both home and business. These alerts can be used for residential or business applications. Visit our Motion Security Lighting products to add another layer of security to your home too.


    • Beautify your home entry with an updated door bell pushbutton

    • Gold Trimmed white button 

    • Simple Lighted surface mount doorbell push button switch can be used on most surfaces

    • Traditonal Design to go with almost any home
    • Will work with almost any doorbell transformer and wired chimes. Bell wire is not included