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Grow Light LED Module - F6 Full Spectrum

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The Agilux modular LED grow light source designed to allow you the flexibility of modifying your par output and wavelengths. Amazingly productive . . . but socially conscious. These grow lights will speed production and increase harvest. Every plant is slightly different than the next, so these modules help you fine tune your spectrum to your specific plant type. The F6 is a general growth spectrum between 450-660nm. Increase your PAR output by adding more modules as needed.



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GLF6-10 F6 Spectrum 450-660nm LED Grow Light Modules, Buy additional deep red, deep blue, or F6 LED modules and customize your own spectrum and PAR output


  • Great for starting and growing all plants

  • Moveable along the Lumirail

  • Add light as you need

  • Saves 80% energy

  • Great for starting and growing all plants

  • Spectrum range 450-660nm


  • Beam Pattern: 105° wide flood

  • Voltage: 24V

  • Watts:  7.5

  • 35k Hours Life


  • F6 Spectrum, horticultural lighting, hydroponics, passive hydroponics, vertical growing, tower garden

  • home growing, hobby growing, small commercial growing, greenhouses, potting stations

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