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Grow Light LED Module - Deep Red

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A modular LED grow light source designed to allow you the flexibility of modifying your par output and wavelengths. Amazingly productive . . . but socially conscious. These grow lights will speed production and increase harvest . . . and they're customizable. The deep red LED is often used to enhance tall growth and flowering plants production.


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7.5W, 24V, Grow Light Modules, Buy additional deep red, deep blue, or F6 LED modules and customize your own spectrum and PAR output


    • Great for growing taller plants

    • Moveable along the Lumirail

    • Add light as you need

    • Saves 80% energy

    • Great for tall plants


    • Beam Pattern: 105° wide flood

    • Voltage: 24V

    • 35k Hours Life


    • Grow Light Deep Red

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