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Eureka 3-in-1 Air Purifier Activated Carbon Filter (4PK)

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Product Description:

Eureka NEA-C1 Replacement Air Purifier Filter, It includes 4 packs pre-filter/activated carbon filters that reduce common odors from pets, smoking and cooking. Helps to extend hepa filter life. It is recommended to use with Eureka 3-in-1 Air Purifier. Installation: 1 Take off the back cover. 2 Remove the filter and the protective covering on the filter. 3 Inset the filter into the unit and consult the filter for correct installation direction. 4 Reattach the back cover of the unit. Filter cleaning and replacement Cleaning: -It is recommended to clean the filter twice a week with soft brush or household vacuum cleaner. -Do not use water to wash the filter. Filter replacement: -Reference to Installation -After the filter replacement is completed, push and hold the UV button for 3 seconds to reset filter change indicator.



    • Activated carbon filter of Eureka Air Purifier is to trap and reduce pollutants like toxins, chemicals, VOCs, as well as odors from pets, smoking and cooking.

    • Acts as a pre-filter to capture large dust particles, helping to extend hepa filter life. Replacement filter for Eureka Air Purifier Model NEA120.

    • What's Included: (NEA-C1)Activated Carbon Filter x 4

    • Filter needs to be replaced every 3 months; Our recommended replacement timing is a guide only and can be longer or shorter depending upon your environment and the use of the product.