Agilux 18" LED Plant Grow Light Starter Kit - 3x F6 Modules(450-660nm) -Kitchen, Shop, Garage Black

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Intelligent Products for Modern Living. One of the most unique applications of our Agilux Lighting System is for growing common vegetation indoors 365 days a year. The Agilux table top Grow Light starter kit is great for growing your favorite lettuce, micro greens, herbs and even tomatoes, all in the comfort of your home, all year round. Using the proprietary blend of LED grow lighting packaged in our Agilux LED modules, you'll be up and growing veggies in under 4 weeks and harvesting shortly thereafter.
The Agilux LED Lighting system delivers the performance and the look of expensive grow lights at significantly lower costs while providing energy savings of up to 83% and operating for 50,000 hours (L70). Available in optimal growing spectrums, The low profile, Agilux LED modules can be surface mounted or mounted into our Grow Light Stand Light kits for portable applications. While often installed by professionals, these lights are easy to install for DIYs too. The Agilux Lighting System is designed for residential, multifamily, and commercial applications.
Your home is a place of refuge; you're in control to make it safe and secure. Proper lighting is a first great way to make it safe, secure, and inviting for your family.



    • Table top grow light for home

    • Simple to setup
    • Flexible height
    • Start growing in weeks
    • 18" x 24" x 9" adjustable height stand; include LED grow lights, power supply