Agilux 900bwfli-10 900 Lumen LED Module, 2.5 inches x 3 inches, Magnetically attaches to the Agilux Lumirail, Energy Saving, 11W, 24V, bright white, 105 degree beam spread

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A low profile, modular LED light source designed to change the way you think about lighting. Amazingly bright . . . but socially conscious.

The interchangeable magnetic LED modules allow easily changing lumen levels, beam patterns, and colors. Energy saving and safe enough for a toddler to touch. Used with the Agilux Lumirail, the applications are multi-functional and used for general lighting, task lighting or accent lighting in the home, on the job, or just about anywhere to put light where you need it.

Since it's 24V, it's even connectable to solar and vehicle batteries. The 105 degree beam spread and bright white light, perfectly cover a wide area with glare-free light. While extremely bright, the low profile is easily hidden, and the bright color is helps with visibility and enhances looks.


    • Magnetically attaches to the Agilux Lumirail
    • Energy efficient 900 Lumens, 11W
    • Low profile is easily hidden                                                                                  
    •  Light where you need it