Agilux 5400 Lumen Portable LED Work Light/Stand Light - 24" Black

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Short Description:

5400 Lumen Portable Dual Head LED Work Light/Stand Light - includes 6 x 900 lumen 5000k Agilux LED modules, 2 x 24" Lumirails, extendable stand, and 90W power supply. Heads adjust on the horizontal and vertical axis for maximum flexibility. Put light where you need it.


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More product information:

This multifunctional 5400 lumen work light/stand light is lightweight, but robust, with a vertically expandable stand. It's super bright, super cool and tough enough to use on the jobsite. Add 2 modules and it becomes a 7200 lumen work light. Agilux stand lights combine the durability of aluminum extrusions and energy savings of LED lighting with the unique functionality of variable stand heights and multiple heads. An extendable light stand with independently rotating heads creates maximum flexibility to swing your light in the direction, height and lumen level needed. It's sturdy, but light weight and easily portable in the sling bag included. Includes 6 x 900 lumen 5000k Agilux LED modules, 2 x 24" Lumirails and cradles, horizontal bar and adjustable ball knobs, extendable stand from 36-68", 90W power supply, and sling bag.



  • The most versatile standlight/worklight you'll ever use!

  • Super bright, but low wattage and saves energy

  • Lumirail removes from the cradle for complete portability anywhere

  • Maximum flexibility for light placement



  • Includes 6 x 900 Lumen Agilux LED modules

  • Add 2 modules and to make this become a 7200 lumen work light

  • 2 x 24" Lumirail, horizontal bar and swivels allow full movement of rails for maximum flexibility and light placement.

  • 5400 Lumens total

  • extendable stand 36 - 68", and base

  • 90w power supply

  • Sling bag for quick and easy storage



  • Jobsite/workstation

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