Blade Guard Knife Blade Protector for and home and professional use. Used by Chef's and in everyday kitchens everywhere.  Safely store and transport your knives anytime.  by

Blade Guard rolling out at Walmart stores nationwide!

The Blade Guard is a knife blade protective cover that folds over and snaps together to form a protective housing around various knives. It has 4 rubber inserts that prevent the knife from slipping inside the cover. The blade “stop” at the bottom of the cover prevents the blade from slipping out. The Blade Guard comes in 4 sizes for 4" blades like paring knives and cheese knives, 6" blades like paring and boning knives, 8" knives like smaller chef's knives and 10" knives for chef's knives and bread knives. They are great to use around the house to protect the blades from getting damaged while inserting and withdrawing from drawers but also are used by professional chefs for transporting their favorite knives, and by people going on picnics, tailgating, camping and other events where they want to carry their favorite knives with them. They come in several colors. They pack easily in picnic bags, chef's rolls, and backpacks. Overall they are used to safely store and transport knives anywhere you need.

The Blade Guard knife blade protective covers are a versatile and practical solution for safely storing and transporting knives.

Here's a summary of their features:

Protective Design: The Blade Guard features a folding cover that snaps together to form a protective housing around the knife blade. This design effectively shields the blade from damage and prevents accidents when handling or storing knives.

Rubber Inserts: With four rubber inserts, these covers ensure that the knife remains securely in place and prevents slipping inside the cover. This helps maintain the blade's sharpness and protects it from dulling.

Blade Stop: The blade stop at the bottom of the cover prevents the knife blade from slipping out, further enhancing safety during storage and transportation 

Multiple Sizes: Available in four sizes, the Blade Guard accommodates a range of blade lengths, from 4 inches for paring and cheese knives to 10 inches for chef's knives and bread knives. This ensures a snug fit for various types of knives.

Versatility: While ideal for household use, the Blade Guard is also popular among professional chefs for transporting their favorite knives safely. Additionally, they are suitable for outdoor activities like picnics, tailgating, and camping, allowing users to carry their knives securely wherever they go.

Color Options: The Blade Guard comes in several colors, providing users with options to suit their preferences or match their kitchen decor.

Portability: These protective covers are designed for easy packing and transportation. They fit conveniently in picnic bags, chef's rolls, backpacks, or any other carrying case, ensuring that knives remain protected on the go.

Overall, the Blade Guard knife blade protective covers offer a practical and efficient way to store and transport knives safely, making them a valuable accessory for both home and professional use.

The Blade Guard was formerly called the KnifeSafe. The name changed because the original trademark holder allowed the trademark to expire. Despite the change in name, it seems that the product's functionality and purpose remain the same, providing users with a reliable solution for protecting their knives during storage and transportation.

Soon the Blade Guard family of products will expand with a new leather 4 knife Chef’s Roll.

Introducing a family of products tailored for professional chefs, such as a four-knife Chef's roll, under the Blade Guard brand sounds like an exciting development! Here are some potential features and benefits that such a product line will offer:

Professional Grade Quality: Products designed specifically for chefs are likely to prioritize durability, functionality, and high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of professional kitchen environments.

Optimized Design: The Chef's roll could feature a thoughtfully designed layout with individual slots or compartments for securely storing multiple knives of various sizes. This would allow chefs to organize their essential tools efficiently for easy access during food preparation.

Protection and Safety: Like other BladeGuard products, the Chef's roll would likely prioritize knife safety by providing protective covers or sheaths to prevent accidental cuts and maintain the sharpness of the blades.

Portability and Convenience: A Chef's roll offers chefs a convenient way to transport their knives safely between workstations or to and from different locations. Features like carrying handles or straps would enhance portability.

Customization Options: Depending on the needs and preferences of professional chefs, the Chef's roll could offer customization options such as adjustable compartments or additional pockets for storing accessories like sharpening tools or kitchen gadgets.

Branding and Recognition: Leveraging the BladeGuard brand for these professional-grade products can help establish recognition and trust among chefs who are already familiar with and trust the quality of BladeGuard products.

Overall, introducing a family of products tailored for professional chefs under the BladeGuard brand demonstrates a commitment to meeting the needs of culinary professionals and expanding the brand's presence in the professional kitchen equipment market. It will be exciting to see how these new products are received within the culinary community.  See the new Blade Guard products at Walmart stores nationwide,, Amazon, Zoro, Wayfair, and Bed Bath and Beyond.